Planning & Strategy Support

There is an abundance of available resources for home-based learning...from curriculum, to extracurriculars, and even support groups.  But, how do you sort through it all and develop a plan that is effective and well suited for your child and family?  We leverage a wide-range experience in traditional education, home-based education, as well as education and family support organizations to help you build a plan that works.



Coaching & Collaboration 

One of the most important factors in our success as home-based educators is our ability to communicate and share ideas, to encourage and console one another.  We facilitate weekly conference calls and quarterly in-person meetings in which we create the right environment for this kind of information sharing, relationship building, and mutual care.




Flexible-Schedule Learning Center

Can you be a home-based educator and still pursue a career, take care of household responsibilities, or even just get a break from time to time?  We want every family, from every walk of life to be able to enjoy the benefits of home-based learning.  We provide a flexible-schedule learning center so that families can build a “school” schedule that fits their unique needs.

Located in Hyde Park at

5001 S. Ellis Ave (Ellis Avenue Church),

the center operates Monday - Thursday.

HALF DAY 9am-12pm

FULL DAY 9am-3pm

Choose the days and schedule that fit your family this year when you enroll!