Core Beliefs


Personalized Learning

Every child is unique and deserves an individually curated educational journey that will unlock all of the purpose, power, and potential that is on the inside of them.  That’s why we work with families to assess each child's strengths and needs and develop an all-around, team-based approach to bring the child along the educational journey.


Character Development

Even more important than what a child can learn is who the child will become.  We leverage our personalized learning environment, Morning Meetings, and close family relationships to reinforce strong character development.

City As Campus

Homeschooling is not something that takes place around an old wooden table at home in Smallville, USA.   Home-based learning actually enables families to take advantage of all of the amazing learning opportunities that the city has to offer.  That’s why every Monday, we take a Learning Excursion somewhere in the city that provides real-world reinforcement of the concepts and themes for the week.

Family At The Center

Strong families are the key to educational success.  So, we like to keep families as the focal point of the child’s educational development, not a school.  We’ve designed the program so that you can tailor it to your specific needs.  We even offer a monthly Parent’s Night Out so that you can get a break and do something fun and restorative